AC Milan hopes to release Meignan new contract release clause.

AC Milan are starting to plan a new contract with France goalkeeper Mike Meignan. And there are reports that they are looking at not including a release clause in the contract.

The 28-year-old France goalkeeper has been a star for the Rossoneri since joining from Lille in the summer of 2021. Replacing Gianluigi Donnarumma who left for PSG UFABET

Meignan has proven himself to be a key factor behind Milan’s success. And his lengthy absence last season with a calf injury was a huge blow to Stefano Pioli’s side.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport. Meignan is set to earn around €3.2 million per season until 2026. And the club are keen to reward him with a new, longer deal. This will increase his wages as well.

Negotiations began with his agent in the summer. And it will continue in the coming months. As the club tries to come to an agreement on the details. They don’t want to include a release clause in his contract amid so much interest surrounding him.

The latest report from La Gazzetta dello Sport states that. The Red and Black Devils team Are hoping to extend a long-term contract for this defenseman. Keep it out until summer 2028.

It has been revealed that in the new contract. His salary will increase by around 30 percent from the 2.8 million euros. He is currently receiving per season to 4 million euros.

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