Kimchi turkey Burger

There other kimchi menu is kimchi burger that we should try to do it together. Lets see ingredient and instructions.


Whole Wheat Burger2piece
Rough Sliced ​​Kimchi1/2cup
turkey chicken5slice
Sliced ​​tomatoes2baby
Roasted White Sesame1Tablespoon
Olive oil1Tablespoon


  1. Mix the turkey chicken with pepper, salt, olive oil and a little white sesame.
  2. Add the turkey chicken and cheese
  3. Bake whole wheat burgers to crispy yellow.
  4. Place the kimchi on the burger. Followed by all kinds of vegetables and ready to serve.

The secret lies in the taste of kimchi. It is like pickles that are put in the burgers. But kimchi is more delicious because there are 3 flavors available, add more and less. If my aunt is like eating sticky rice (burger), papaya salad (kimchi), then, plus vegetables (salad) plus and another trick. Toasted or baked the burgers are crispy on the outside and soft inside. Will be more delicious.

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