Ginger and the healthy recipe

How is it good to eat ginger? What are the benefits? Ginger is a medicinal plant that contains many nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, protein, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium. The parts that are popular to use are the old rhizomes and young rhizomes, both fresh and dry. Including the core, young stems and leaves, let’s see what herbs like ginger are useful.

  • Helps you lose weight
  • Lowers blood sugar. Against diabetes
  • Gives the performance of the brain, the better
  • Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Can reduce colic
  • Heal migraine pain
  • Relieve symptoms of allergies.

  • Pork cut into pieces
  • Fresh paprika 
  • Onion, sliced 
  • Ginger cut into small long pieces. 
  • Ingredients include granulated sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, and some seasoning powder. 
  • oil 
  • Garlic, crushed and coarsely chopped For fragrant fries

Fried Pork with ginger

  1. Heat the pan with oil. Add garlic to fry.
  2. Add the sliced ​​pork and stir until the pork is cooked.
  3. Season with various seasonings and stir to combine.
  4. Add ginger, onion and fresh chili, stir until combine, just 1 minute, put on a plate serve with hot steamed rice.

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