Spicy Tuna wraps

The healthy tuna wraps. This menu is convenient and easy to eat, you can eat anywhere, and also gives you fullness with the menu. “Spicy Tuna Wrap” Tortilla Wrap Roll Wrapped Fortified protein and omega-3s with tuna tossed in chili sauce and vegetables. When it is crunchy to add more flavor to this menu.

Our last but not least tuna dish is “spicy tuna wraps,” a real grab & go for busy days. It is filling yet easy to enjoy anywhere. Rolled up with tortilla, it comes with protein and omega 3 from tuna seasoned with spicy sauce along with various greens to elevate your flavor.

As usual, we have a healthy tuna recipe to give away and that is “spicy tuna wraps.” Find out all you need for this scrumptious bite on the go.


1. Tuna 2 cans

2. Sriracha mayo 2 tbsp.

3. Onion 10 g.

4. Culantro 10 g.

5. 3-4 Flour tortillas

6. Lettuce 10 g.

7. 1 Tomato

8. Spinach 5 g.


1. Combine canned tuna, onion, and cilantro together. Add Sriracha mayo to enhance the flavor. Stir to mix well and set aside.

2. Set the stove and heat the pan slightly. Then warm tortillas to soften the dough and set aside.

3. Place lettuce, tomatoes and spinach on the tortillas. Then put the already mixed tuna on top of the vegetables that were previously prepared. Then roll the tortilla rolls tightly. Ready to serve the deliciousness to your friends. Place lettuce, tomato, and spinach on the tortilla and put the prepared tuna on top.

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