Brownies burnt potatoes (Japanese sweet potato)

Brownies burnt potatoes by sweet potato


Sweet Potato Steamed, Grilled, Burned 500 grams

Fresh milk or almond milk 150 ml

Dark Chocolate 140g

cocoa powder  40 g


1. Take the burnt potatoes and peel them off. Mince the meat thoroughly.

2. Melt the cocoa powder with warm dark chocolate But if not wearing the dark shock Bring the milk to warm a little so that the cocoa powder will dissolve quickly.3. Pour 2 ingredients into 1 and stir to combine.

Benefit of sweet potato.

Sweet but low on GI

Sweet Japanese potato is a fantastic source of natural sweetener as it tastes sweeter than other kinds of potatoes. Another great thing is that it is low on glycemic index. After our body digests food and absorbs the nutrients, the sugar will not be absorbed into our blood system as much as foods with a high glycemic index value. Therefore, is perfect for diabetic patients.

When it comes to potato, It definitely makes the top list of many people due to its sweetness, unique scent and soft texture. Simply steam it and you can enjoy the deliciously distinctive flavor.

Strengthen immune system

It is abundant in vitamin D which makes you stay fresh and alert. Apart from that, it increases the efficiency of the brain function.

Detoxify your body

“Yarapin” in sweet potato peel helps flush out toxins and cleanse your system through intestines. It also prevents the toxins from disturbing the stomach to function. For this reason, it is recommended to eat the unpeeled but make sure you clean it well.

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