Fried Mackerel with hurb curry paste

Mackerel is a popular fish in a variety of dishes. Whether it’s fried, steamed or boiled, it’s rich in protein, minerals, and a wide variety of fatty acids that are beneficial for the brain, eyes, heart and health.

100 grams provides only 205 kcal of energy, rich in protein 18.60 grams, 13.89 grams of fatty acids, selenium, vitamin B12 and many other nutrients your body needs. The fats in mackerel are omega-3 fatty acids, which are composed of DHA and EPA. Which is famous for maintaining health .

Precautions for consuming mackerel

  • Mercury  is a natural heavy metal found in fish and marine life. That means it’s found in mackerel as well. Although the nutrients in mackerel are beneficial to infants and the mercury content may not be that much of a danger in the general population. But it can be dangerous for mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • parasite Many people may agree that the marine fish do not have parasites. But in fact, consuming marine fish or mackerel may also be exposed to Anisakis Simplex, which can lead to sudden poisoning. Patients will have abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. As for this parasitic poisoning, it may be chronic. And can cause other types of intestinal diseases.
mackerel meat, cut into pieces4 pieces
Red Curry Paste2 tablespoons
fish sauce2 teaspoons
Brown sugar5 teaspoons
Water3 tablespoons
Kaffir lime leaves2 tablespoons
Chee Fah chili, sliced ​​ricochet1/2 tablet
Vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil for frying 

Fried Mackerel with hurb Curry paste


1. Heat a wok and add vegetable oil. With fillets then fry until golden brown, scoop up and
set aside. 
2. Heat the pan with vegetable oil. Add red curry paste and stir until fragrant, season with fish sauce, granulated sugar, add water and stir together.
3. Add the fried mackerel meat and mix well.

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