Tips for storing seafood sauce to live for a long time.

Seafood sauce, Thai food usually just add fresh chilli, add lime juice and fish sauce and you’re done! But if anyone is bored of the same repetition. Whoever wants to try it can come to the kitchen.

Fresh ingredients such as chili, garlic, coriander root should be selected. Washed and dried before cooking to preserve them for longer.

The vinegar will act as a pickle to prevent the chili from spoiling. can be stored longer. But the taste will not be as sour as lemon UFABET

in the process of making Bring all ingredients except the lemon juice to a boil. Pour into bottles while hot and immediately close the lid will help kill germs. When it is time to eat, pour it into a cup and then squeeze the lemon into it.

Before eating, the seafood sauce should be separated into 2 parts: the part to be eaten and the part to be stored.

When finished, store the seafood sauce in a container with a lid, put in a bottle, or divide into small bags and refrigerate in the freezer. It can be stored for about 1 month. When you use it, put it in the refrigerator a day in advance or take it out and put it at room temperature until it melts. If you put it in the normal compartment, it can be stored for about 5-7 days.

If stored for too long The color of the sauce and the taste will change should not be eaten again.

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