How to choose fish sauce?

 Fish Sauce is another seasoning that is as important as other seasonings. In addition to salty seasoning, it can also make food and dipping sauces. Such as boiled chicken sauce, pickled eggs with sauce, fried pork with sauce, sweet sauce, chilli sauce, etc. If you are looking to buy for your kitchen, let’s have a look. Including how to choose to buy and how to store fish sauce as well.

  • Read the ingredient label for what kind of fish you use. Does it meet your needs? Avoid that contain preservatives or MSG for safety
  • Choose a trusted brand. Inform the name of the production place and the location of the factory. Has the date of manufacture or expiration. The packaging has no rips or holes.
  • Choose that is reddish brown, light brown, or golden brown. clean No impurities, no turbidity, natural fragrance. 
  • Choose to buy in clean packaging. There is a clear expiration date. tell the ingredients and nutrients Has been certified for production standards from relevant agencies.

Can be divided into 3 types:

1. Authentic fish sauce

Is obtained from fermenting and curing fish, digesting fish, fish parts or fish residue left from fermentation with salt. The fish used for fermentation may be marine fish or freshwater fish. Such as anchovies, blackfish, saury fish, banana fish, etc., with additives added for mellowness. As for the fermentation period from 12 months onwards UFABET

2. Fish sauce from other animals

That contains ingredients from animals other than fish such as shrimp, shellfish, squid, crab, etc. 

3. Mixed fish sauce

Is the use of real fish sauce and from other animals such as shrimp, mussels, squid, crabs, etc., mixed and added seasonings.

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