Fried Chicken Tendons

     Fried Chicken Tendons is In the party group, I believe that the fried chicken tendon menu is absolutely indispensable. Anyone interested in buying a chicken tendon before the New Year. the specialty is to add roasted sesame seeds to increase the aroma. Fry until crispy, chewy, eat with chili sauce.

 Fried Chicken Tendons


   300 grams of chicken tendon
     1 teaspoon soy sauce
      1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 tablespoon shiitake sauce
1 tablespoon
     coarsely chopped garlic
     1 teaspoon chicken seasoning powder
     2 tablespoons roasted white sesame seeds
      30 grams of crispy flour
     oil for frying


   1. Mix chicken tendon with soy sauce, ground pepper, shiitake sauce, chopped garlic and chicken seasoning. Mix well and let it rest for 30 minutes.
     2. Add the crispy flour And roasted white sesame seeds mixed in the marinated chicken tendons Mix well.
     3. Heat the oil pan on medium heat, fry the chicken tendons until golden brown.
     4. Spoon up and set aside to drain the oil. Put on a plate and serve with Sriracha chili sauce

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