Thai tea sponge cake

    Thai tea sponge cake . Let’s try to change to make a Thai tea sponge cake. Cake with Thai tea, fragrant, plus the sweetness of the soft Thai tea. Anyone who asks to share it will not be allowed.

Thai tea sponge cake

Ingredients Thai tea sponge cake

      3 eggs
      80 grams of cane sugar
      Quality additive for making dessert SP (SP) or Ovale. (Ovalet) 15 g
      Thai tea 40 g
      Fresh or unsalted milk 40 g
      Thai tea flavor 1/2 tsp
      100 g cake flour
      1 tsp baking powder
      80 g melted butter (set aside to warm down) Do not put it in hot)
      Orange food coloring (Optional),

Soft ingredients, Thai tea

      1 teaspoon agar powder
      250 grams of
      water • 250 grams of Thai tea (300-350 grams of hot water + 3-5 tablespoons of Thai tea powder, filter until dark tea, then divide the tea into part of the cake. 40 g)
      sugar 70g
      condensed milk 80g
      cornstarch 35 g
      milk or milk 100g
      butter salted 70 g
      tea Thailand 1 teaspoon


     1. mix. Thai tea powder with hot water and set aside to darken the color. Divide one part to mix and make the cake. Another part for soft face.
     2. Make Thai tea cakes by beating eggs, granulated sugar and SP or Ovalet additives until fluffy or sof
     3. Add filtered tea water, milk and Thai tea scent, beat for 5-10 minutes or until the mixture has become 2-3 times fuller. Will float above the surface above.
     4. Put the flour sifted with baking powder into it. (Recommended to sift 2 rounds, the cake will be softer and softer), gently fold the whisk before turning on the appliance. The dough does not puff, beat for about 3 minutes.

then beat on low speed until well blended. Try to check the bottom of the jar to see if there is flour or not. If not, the next step is to slowly add the melted butter. Do not put it all at once. Be careful, the cake will be the kidney. After all the butter has been added, beat for another 3-5 minutes.
     5. After 5 minutes, do not forget to check the bottom of the jar to see if there is butter or not. If you don’t have it, pour it into the prepared 3 pound pan.
     6. Bake at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. Next is the upper-lower heat, turn off the fan for 35-40 minutes, depending on the home stove. You have to check the stove at home again. When finished baking, set aside to cool completely. then put it in the refrigerator to set the cake first, put it on for 2 hours or overnight.

     7. Once the cake is set, then make a soft Thai tea. 

8. Mix sugar with sweetened condensed milk into Thai tea water, stir well
     9. Bring a pot of agar powder and set aside to boil until the agar powder dissolves completely. After that, add the Thai tea water mixture and stir until well mixed . 

10. Mix cornstarch with fresh milk or evaporated milk well, then slowly pour into the pot. Stir for a second, the face becomes softer and thicken, continue stirring for 20-30 seconds, then turn off the stove, add Thai tea and fresh butter, stir until the butter melts.
     11. Divide the cake into 2 pieces. Take the soft side and spread over the first cake evenly.  Wipe the sides completely. Topped the soft face over the cake, spread beautifully and let it set in the refrigerator for about 1 hour before cutting and serving

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