2 recipes of mango smoothies

Mango – Banana – Almond Milk

Basic mango smoothies to increase energy for the body well. Also Suitable for fresh smoothie for breakfast. Because this smoothie has the benefits of mango, banana, and milk! Believe that the health line will definitely want to pin this recipe to the favorite menu of the day.

Simple recipe just cut a ripe mango and banana into small pieces. And then throw it into the blender. Followed by a little ice, just about half the cheek and followed by half a glass of milk. We chose to use almond milk instead of cow’s milk for a healthier feel. 

Tips: Who is sweet addicted.  We allow a little more sugar for freshness. 
Mango Yogurt Parfait

Don’t be afraid that it’s going to be difficult! Because even though the look of the Mango Yogurt Parfait is luxurious, it seems like it came out on Pinterest, it is not similar, but the steps are actually simple. Start from blending ripe mango, ice and mango juice together. 

After that, gradually use a spoon to arrange mango blending alternately layers with natural yogurt. Finally, drop a small spoon of yogurt into the center of the mango blended on the top. Try decorate with the leaves as you like for the beauty of a coffee shop barista.

Tips: If you want to advance to the next level. You can play each layer with different flavors of yogurt. And you can even top your parfait with more granola.

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