Pork Ankake Donburi recipe

Pork Ankake Donburi is a Japanese dish that is characterized by a rich red sauce. Use as topping on rice dishes or noodles in Japanese style. You can use any meat, this recipe comes with the pork. Can be adjusted to be pork or shrimp Get along well as well.

Pork Ankake Donburi ingredient

  • Pork 350 g
  • Fresh Shiitake Mushroom100 grams
  • Onion120 g
  • Chinese Cantonese Vegetable150 grams
  • Carrot50 g
  • Shoyu3 tablespoons
  • breadfruit1 + 1 tablespoon
  • Mirin1 tablespoon
  • Granulated sugar1 tablespoon
  • saltSeasoning
  • pepperSeasoning
  • Shirodashi50 ml
  • Clean water350 ml
  • Rice bran oil1 tablespoon
  • garlic3 cloves
  • ginger4 glasses
  • Hong Kong Tapioca Starch2 tablespoons
  • Japanese Steamed RiceFor serving


1. Cut the pork into 2cm pieces, marinate with 1 Tbsp sake, salt and pepper.

2. Shiitake slices into thin slices, onion slices, cut into sections, leaves and stalks of vegetables. Cut the stem into sticks. Cut the carrots into sticks about 5 cm long.

3. Prepare the sauce by mixing 1 tablespoon of shoyu, sake, mirin, 1⁄2 teaspoon of salt, shirodashi and clean water together.

4. Heat the pan well. Crushed garlic and ginger into rice bran oil. Stir enough to smell good, add pork, onion and shiitake mushroom, stir-fry well, add Chinese Cantonese, stalks and carrots, add the prepared sauce to boil well.

5. Mix Hong Kong tapioca flour with 2 tablespoons of clean water, add to it, stir to thicken the mixture and boil again.

6. Add the Chinese guava leaves Scoop the ingredients over the pork topped over the rice. Ready to eat.

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