Eating unhealthy food causes more deaths than smoking.

Eating unhealthy food causes more deaths than smoking.

From a study of population data around the world. It was found that the main cause of death. Today is disease caused by eating unhealthy foods. It causes the deaths of 11 million people worldwide each year. Moreover, we do not eat enough healthy foods such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits, while we also favor sugary drinks. Consuming foods high in sodium and processed meats too much

Researchers analyzed food data for people in 195 countries.

along with data on household sales and expenditures. They then assessed the impact of an unhealthy diet on the risk of death from heart disease. certain cancers and diabetes (they also calculated the number of deaths linked to other global risk factors such as smoking and drug use). Health is the main risk factor for death in most countries of the world.

Study author Ashkan Afshin, from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, also said that eating an unhealthy diet is more detrimental to health than smoking or high blood pressure. Blood levels are even higher.

Countries with the best dietary habits include Israel, France, Spain and Japan, with the lowest rates of food-related illnesses among their populations. The United States is rank 43rd and China is 140th. But it is noted that there are gaps in information on staple foods in some countries. Some evaluation results may therefore expected to vary.

Afshin also said that In general, ทางเข้า ufabet countries with a diet close to the Mediterranean diet Those that emphasize eating mainly vegetables, fruits, nuts, and good oils (such as olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids from fish) have the lowest death rates from diet-related diseases. In addition, eating a Mediterranean diet is associate with a reduced risk of heart disease and memory loss.

The author asked Afshin which country in the ranking surprised him.

Afshin answered that Mexico was an interesting country. Because it is the 57th country, Mexico’s population widely consumes corn tortillas. which is a useful grain But at the same time, there is also the highest rate of consumption of sugary drinks. It’s hard to determine how the benefits of whole grains might influence the risks of excessive sugar consumption, but Afshin says this reinforces the problem in many countries. By improving overall dietary patterns.

The barrier to healthy eating is access to healthy food.

And having enough money to buy healthy food. According to the Trump administration and US lawmakers, Debating that Regular people who are not working should also be eligible for food assistance. It is evident that many people around the world are struggling to afford healthy food.

While 800 million people around the world are hungry and undernourished, 1.9 billion people are more likely to be overweight. Both fasting and being overweight are consider malnutrition. By causing uncertain costs Consider a recent report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies: “Global malnutrition costs $3.5 trillion per year. For obesity and non-communicable diseases related to obesity such as cardiovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes will add another $2 trillion.”

That When it comes to stopping hunger and improving health, People don’t just want food. But they also need good nutrition. If you eat snacks made from refined carbohydrates and sugary drinks, You may get the calories you need. But those calories can also lead to disease.

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