5 benefits of doing Infusion

5 benefits of doing Infusion

Normally, the body can create collagen on its own. But as age begins to increase, combined with pollution in the city, including dust, smoke, and sunlight, collagen production gradually decreases. Therefore causing the skin to lack moisture. Various wrinkles on the face therefore occur easily.

The important thing in maintaining collagen levels is to prevent damage. and strengthen new collagen. For example, you should apply sunscreen every time before leaving the house. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly Because it contains nutrients that are necessary for the skin.

Or another easy way to add collagen to beautiful skin. Using Infusion technology to help push vitamins into the skin. Therefore, it is another option that is easy to do. And it doesn’t have to hurt. 

Get to know Infusion pushing vitamins

Infusion pushing vitamins is a technology that pushes vitamins into the skin to receive skin food and moisture. stimulate blood circulation and the function of skin cells By ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app using electric current with the appropriate frequency and duration of electric current release. In order to temporarily stimulate proteins in the skin layer Make various nutrients and vitamins flows directly into the skin Ready to absorb into the skin better and without pain. From clinical trials it has been found to be really effective. Clean and sterile without having to hold back

Benefits of Infusion

– Reduces wrinkles (Anti aging and wrinkle reduction)

– Create collagen (Collagen regeneration)

– Add moisture to the skin (Skin rehydration)

– Tighten pores (Skin firming and toning)

– Break down cellulite or large fat cells Under the densely packed skin (Body sculpting and cellulite reduction)

Advantages of Infusion

– Can effectively push nutrients into the skin

– See treatment results from the first time

– Can be used in conjunction with other types of treatment such as skin resurfacing and laser.

– Can be done on both the face and body.

– Little pain and no bruises

– It is a treatment that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. United States (USA-FDA)

Additional advice

– Infusion takes about 30 minutes for treatment.

– During the treatment process you will feel a tingling sensation. slightly on the surface Or you may not feel it at all.

– See treatment results from the first time The skin will be smoother, softer and tighter.

– After treatment, skin should rest for about 3-4 hours before applying nourishing cream or makeup.

– Should be treated regularly 1 time per week and continued treatment at least 6-10 times.

– If treated continuously Skin cells will be moisturized, strong and look younger.

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